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Daytona is precision health re-imagined.

Daytona is the premier, concierge health behavior change platform with a personal, human touch. We dig deep to discover the root cause of what’s holding you back and help break the vicious get-fit-quick cycle to get you on the road to lasting health and lifestyle change.

Let's get real

Your behaviors determine your health.

If apps, notifications, wearables, and lab results were enough to turn your good intentions into healthy actions, we'd all be in peak health by now.

The real problem is staying motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle — and everyone is motivated differently.


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Fitness Videos


Health Apps



You feel stuck

Improving your lifestyle alone is an uphill battle.

You know what you should do, it’s just so hard to do it. You’re motivated, but you’re busy taking care of everyone else but you. It’s hard to find the time. You’re frustrated, annoyed, and tired. Sound familiar?

Daytona gets you unstuck

Daytona is a digital angel on your shoulder that helps coach you to healthier lifestyle choices everyday.

The missing piece of your health care puzzle.

Flexible, powerful virtual health coaching, now in your pocket.

Integrating all the tools, data, and talent you need under one unified program...

The Science of You

Behavior Change Science

Daytona Behavior Framework

Team of Experts coach the areas of your life that make the biggest impact to your wellbeing, chronic disease, and longevity.





How it Works

We take the guesswork out of getting healthy.

1. Onboarding

Welcome to a concierge health coaching experience.

Daytona welcome kit has all the tools you need for success. Wearables, portable lab tests, and more are shipped to your door.

2. Calibration

We take the time to get to know you.

You can’t “hack” building a relationship. Our team does a deep dive to decode the details of your life and build a custom health and behavior profile that highlights your deep underlying motivations, your health starting point, and your goals.


Personalized, effective coaching by a team relentlessly focused on your success.

Artisanal health behavior coaching delivered through rich messaging and video that blends cutting edge science, technology and a human touch.

Our team knows you so well they know exactly how to educate, guide, and nudge you to better daily decisions in sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and mindset. Firm, clear guidance that motivates you to improve, but never overwhelms.

We’ve rigged the game in your favor

Health. Work. Life. They’re all connected.

Your uniquely qualified team makes sure things go to plan:

Health Coaching

Experts in health behavior who take the guesswork out of improving your sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and mindset so that you stay on track with minimal stress.

Nutrition Coaching

A sustainable plan for food created by our nutrition coaches so that you don’t have to navigate the confusing space of recipes, diet plans, and choices.

Personal Training

Live personal training sessions over video to instruct you on how to stay active effectively and efficiently.You can rest assured that you're doing the right exercise routine safely, without wasting time.

Health Valet

Time is always a factor. Every Daytona client gets a Health Valet - a personal assistant that takes care of all of your life’s to-do lists to get you time back during the day. Whether it's coordinating health tasks, booking travel, finding a nanny,or managing your calendar, your health valet takes care of these tasks so you’ve got breathing room to focus on you.

Life Coaching

Specialized sessions designed to help you bring the principles of health mindset to your professional life. You’ll use increased discipline, focus, and intentional thinking to identify, prioritize, and overcome obstacles to get ahead in your career.

Executive Coaching

Daily coaching designed to help you think through your schedule, priorities, and balance your time effectively between health, work, relationships, and personal goals.

People who use Daytona feel better fast

We’re focused on your results.

Expect incremental change over time as you master new skills. No cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches to health that won’t work long term.

In One Day

You’ll feel better just knowing you’ve invested in a plan to get healthy.

In Two Weeks

You’ll start seeing the increase in energy and clear thinking from better sleep.

In Three Months

You’ll be on your way to a new way of thinking, a new way of living, practicing healthier behaviors everyday resulting in measurable improvements in how you feel, how you’re reaching your life goals, and objective testing of your health metrics. Progress in all three is the key to success.

Daytona is different

Our personalized coaching is the missing piece of your healthcare puzzle. We’ve used every ounce of our expertise and experience to think differently and craft a new approach to solve a a difficult problem.


Reminders and Notifications

Personalized messaging designed to educate, nudge, encourage, and help execute a plan.

Focus on a single health area

5 areas coached together Health (sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, mindset).

Obsession with just health metrics

Link relevant health metrics to measure deeper, life goals. What does being healthy mean to you?

Gadgets are the answer

Mindset and motivation first, tools second. Wearables and sensors are tools that inform our coaching.

Short term results

Focus on mastery and incremental skill building to keep results long term.

Teach Habits

Cultivate habits, mindset, and how to act with intention

Claims to be easy

It’s fun but not always easy. We’ll help you build resilience, and self efficacy to meet the challenge.

Just 10 minutes a day

It takes the time it takes. Your health valet and life coach will help you prioritize and manage time.

Health Coaching Only

Integrated team that won't let you fail: health coaching, nutrition coaching, personal training, Health Valet, life, executive coaching.

It's all about
the nudge

The Daytona Behavior Framework is our secret sauce designed to turn your good intentions into action.

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Daytona uses our proprietary Daytona Behavior Framework to create personalized nudges designed to guide you to better health decisions everyday. Along with encouragement, education, tracking, instruction, and live video coaching, these nudges are the difference between telling you what to do and persuading you to take action and get results.

You're Unique

We decode the science of you.

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Everyone’s different. We use data about you to construct a unique motivational fingerprint. Once we understand your reasons for change, your current behaviors, and the type of persuasion you respond to, we know which coaching styles work for your personality, your starting point, adn your goals.

The perfect push.

We do the complicated math so that you get a persuasive nudge.

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When we have the right data, the right context, and we detect the need for a nudge, our behavior framework goes to work creating a message designed to persuade a specific health behavior. We do the complicated math. You get a tailored nudge using behavior change techniques matched to your profile. Daytona coaches tell you with exactly what you need to hear. Nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes you need a push, sometimes you need a pull. Your coach is a part time drill sergeant, part time assistant, part time mentor.

Navigating the right path.

Your nudges steer you toward healthier choices.

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The right nudges everyday over time help you make the right choices in sleep, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, and mindset to keep you on the right path so you can improve your health, your work, and your life. You can be confident knowing you have a co-pilot when it comes to navigating your health decisions. And, the more we interact with you, the better the nudges. What type of nudges will work for you?

Experience the Daytona difference

To get fit you need to be a good fit.

Daytona is a premium service for those ready to invest in a system for personal success. We’re expensive. We’re bringing our A game so that you get results.

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